Physical Science Ideas (Middle School Grades)

The following is a list of links that provide a wealth of information for physical science teachers. The links provide a variety of lesson plans, demonstrations, learning activities, and project ideas.

A Great List of Ideas to Keep Your Students Awake During Physics

Physics Pavilion Demonstrations
Two big general lists of demonstrations to help your students understand physics better.
Forces, Structure, and Architecture
A list of daily lesson plans for a unit on forces. Some great days are: Day 1 (forces of tension and compression), Day 2 (gravity), Day 6 (Jeopardy Questions for the forces unit.)
Grade 8 Module 4 MAGLEV TRAINS
This site lists the Massachusetts State Science and Technology standards that it addresses. It covers the principles of magnetism and a plan to design and build a maglev vehicle.
Air Travelers
This is a lab that helps students answer- Why does a balloon filled with helium rise and a balloon filled with air sink?
Sport! Science
Experiments and explanations that explain how a ball bounces, the science behind a homerun,and the mechanics of hands during rock climbing.
Teachers Edition- Tools for Teachers Online
This site contains general lesson ideas, physics lesson plans, and micro-activities.
Houghton Mifflin Activity Search
Here you can search for activities by curriculum and grade level.
Exploring Leonardo
This site contains information and lesson plans on Leonardo da Vinci.
Here is a site that has lesson ideas to get your students interested in the ancient scientist Galileo.
Science Lessons by Subject
Here you can find some great science lesson plans. They are listed by suject and by age group.
Mass/Weight & Acceleration
This site contains a problem-based learning activity involving mass, weight, and acceleration.

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